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We have gone through many sites and many softwares, both free and paid programs to try to create & keep physical media alive. A Baroque House & CAT 4 Collective, has created the artwork, custom menu designs for duplicated & replicated DVDs & now Blu-rays, for our own projects for the last 3 years.

After, going thru many different avenues of possible authoring services, we decided to say, "Screw It!" and do it ourselves. While, mainly creating DVD products, we went about going into the task of finding a Blu-rays authoring software that works. Once we did, A Baroque House, decided to then offer the opportunity to be an affordable way to author both DVD & Blu-rays for indie artists.

Please, feel free to contact us with your project and the additional extras you have. After, learning about the amount of detail and time that will have to go into the creation of the product, we can give you a better quote to the costs of our authoring service that best works for you!

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